Teaching Moral Values to Your Children

Imagine being able to go out for the evening and actually having fun instead of worrying about what your teenage son or daughter may be doing at home alone.

Imagine allowing your teenager to spend the night at a friend's home and being confident that they are not experimenting with alcohol, drugs, or sex.

Imagine being able to talk with your teenage son or daughter about some moral issue and having an intelligent and meaningful conversation -- instead of being in an argument within 18 seconds.

I'll Help Teach Basic Moral Values To Your Children so...

...they can make right choices when they are with their friends

Music, TV programs, electronic games, other children, and other adults all influence children. But, not many influences teach them high moral values.

What choices will young people make when they are with their friends at a party?

What will kids do without basic teaching of morals and ethics?
It's party time..... and it's a fact that ...

... 15% of 8th graders are binge drinking.

And it gets worse as they progress through high school.

I'll help you tell your children about life's moral anchor points so they'll get a good grounding in basic ethics and moral standards. Teaching youngsters these basic values is important. It helps them make decisions that will be good for their future.

moral standards education

You will understand how to explain basic ethics and morals so...

Your Children Can Understand
How to Determine Right From Wrong

I'll explain the three stages of moral development. Very young children learn basic ethics and morals through "rewards and punishment".

When a small child reaches out for a hot burner on the stove you slap her hand and say, "NO!"

Every child learns some actions are "bad" when they are scolded or "punished."

Later, when your child sings a little nursery rhyme, you smile and give her a hug. Children learn that some actions are "good" when they are praised and rewarded.

This is only the first level of moral understanding. It's called the "Obedience and Punishment" level of moral understanding.

Learn how you can help your children progress through all three levels of ethical maturity.

But, too many young people become stuck at the "Obedience and Punishment" level.

Some people who are stuck at this first level simply seek to avoid punishment. They do harmful things and try to "get away with it."

They'll cover up their "mess." They'll hide or blame someone else when they do something wrong.

They may become trouble makers and can wind up in difficulty with the law.

Discover the key points you need to know to help young people progress beyond the "Obedience and Punishment" level of moral maturity. It's a shame more parents (and teachers) fail to help the young people they should care most about.

moral development education

I'll help you understand basic ethics and morals so ...

You Can Talk With Your Kids and Explain
Why Something is Right or Wrong...
...Without Arguing

Teaching basic ethics and morals is rewarding Young people really want to talk about what's right and wrong, and WHY certain things are right or wrong.

Young people really can make right decisions if they understand what makes something right or wrong.

Learn how to explain this distinction clearly.

I don't like being told "Do it because I said so!"

I'd be willing to bet you don't like it either.

And your children are always ready to question you when you use that argument on them.

There really are easy, clear ways to explain why something is right or wrong. You'll feel good about explaining it. And, your children will feel good about learning how they can tell right from wrong.

Then, they have the skill so they can make right decisions on their own.


All About Ethics and Morals

I've included everything to
help children grow to a
Mature Ethical View

In All About Ethics and Morals, I give you the basic understanding you need to succeed in teaching basic ethical decision making skills to your children.


Here are some of the ideas I'll help you understand:

  • Three requirements for having moral values.
  • Differences between personal preferences and moral values.
  • How to recognize youthful trends that signal a lack of basic ethical thinking and a decline in moral values.
  • Differences between ethics and morals
  • Three stages of increasing ethical maturity.
  • How basic views of ethics contribute to moral standards.
  • How objective standards positively influence the actions of young people.
  • Techniques for teaching basic ethics and morals.
  • What NOT to do in teaching ethics and morals to your children.
  • How to guide your children to more mature ethical positions so they won't get into trouble later in life.
  • How to use three tests you must know to determine if principles of behavior are right.
  • How to help your children easily analyze any ethical issue.
  • How to help your school begin teaching basic ethics and morals

All About Ethics and Morals is an eBook of over 160 pages. I wrote it so it would be easy to understand, with practical knowledge and advice that will help you guide your children to make better decisions.

Download it and start using it today.

Teaching basic ethics and morals

In addition to getting All About Ethics and Morals ...

      ...I'll give you the Video Interview Collection eBook containing "on the street" video interviews I did -- FREE.

I stopped ordinary people just like you and me and asked them to answer a couple of questions.

  1. How do you determine what is right and wrong?

  2. What holds you back from doing something you know is wrong?

And some of them gave amazing answers!

A few of the people you'll see

Massive ethics video collection

You'll laugh at some of the answers. You'll look at some of these people and scratch you head at their answers. You'll just wonder how they could possibly believe what they just said. Was anyone teaching them ethics and morals when they were growing up?

You'll get all the interviews in a MASSIVE special BONUS ebook.

Alone worth over $24.95

For a limited time I'm including this ebook FREE with your order of All About Ethics and Morals


Teaching basic ethics and morals

Special Bonus #2 "Parent's Guide to Home Schooling"

"Parent's Guide to Home Schooling" - What you need to know if you are thinking about home schooling.!

Have you thought about home schooling your children?

Some 26% of parents in each of the American states consider home schooling for their children over normal public school classes. This is because of the benefits both the parents and the children get. Home schooling gives them the chance to interact on a personal level as no other system currently available.

Home schooling is a trend that few people can ignore. There has been a consistent increase in the number of children who have left the formal education system in exchange for home schooling. If you’re interested in home schooling your child, you must be wondering what it takes to begin.

Many parents like you often wonder if there’s a particular age range that is most viable for home schooling, or if most local education agencies impose a compulsory age at which you can take your child out of the formal system for home schooling. More generally, perhaps you are simply wondering how age factors into home schooling.

Free with All About Ethics and Morals

Teaching basic ethics and morals

Special Bonus #3 "How To Create A Super Baby"

"How To Create A Super Baby" - The vital things you must do in the first year of your child's life!

If you are ready to love your child endlessly, I can teach you what you need to know during your infant's first year of life.

When it comes to baby's first year, everyone seems to have an opinion. And everyone is willing to help. But ultimately, it is up to you to love and care for your child the best that you can.

There are so many things a baby needs more than just love. And you may be surprised by what those things are once I let you in. Babies are a lot different than you and me, physically and emotionally.

A loving and caring mother and father will make sure they are ready to give their child the best first year of their life possible.

Free with All About Ethics and Morals

Teaching basic ethics and morals

STOP! Don't buy All About Ethics and Morals if you're not willing to read it and use the information!


It's time to decide the value of teaching your children basic ethics and morals.

All About Ethics and Morals is not magic. It won't help your children if you simply buy it.

Your children will not benefit if you download All About Ethics and Morals and let it sit on your hard disk.

You may want to print out All About Ethics and Morals and place it in a pretty binder. That will not help your children either.

I'll tell you the honest truth...

...You need to read it. And you need to use the information I've put together when you talk with your children. You and your children will only benefit if you'll actually use the information in it.

How much would it be worth for you to know that your children understand how to determine right from wrong?     Priceless!

How much would it be worth for you to know your kids can make the right choices when they are out with their friends?     Priceless!

What would it be worth to you to know that you can talk with your kids in an intelligent and meaningful way and tell them why something is right or wrong--without arguing?     Again priceless!

If you're not willing to read the book and actually help your children, please hit the "Back" button on your browser now.

Teaching basic ethics and morals

Still here?

OK. It's time to download the ebook and start reading.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments. I also want to know how you've used All About Ethics and Morals to help your children or your school.

You can send email to me .

I hope to hear from you soon.

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